Hi, I’m so happy you found your way to my little place in the tech universe. I’m MK, part time lawyer, full time wife and mom.  I live outside Washington D.C. with my hot thirty something husband and our wild toddler.  And we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second.

I came to realize I was an atheist only a few years ago in late 2014, early 2015.  Official date unknown as I struggled a bit to admit it out loud. When I first came out of that bizarre religious fog, I was starving for more information, resources, and like-minded community. There was no shortage of that between podcasts, blogs, and books and I happily saturated myself with all things atheism.

But also during that time, I struggled to get pregnant, got pregnant, carried and gave birth to my son, and had the privilege to begin shaping him – all while being a non-believer.  And that non-believer bit made things much more interesting than I expected. I found myself scouring the internet daily desperately seeking a like-minded someone who was on a similar path, someone with whom I could passionately nod along with their words as they echoed my own life.  I wanted to take my journey with someone in real time. And when I didn’t find that voice, I wrote.

The Atheist Mom Diaries are just that. My diaries. Notes I kept here and there about strange and heartbreaking encounters. Full journals about my painfully slow transition from faith to reality. Pages of parenting dos and don’ts, more pages with resources to help me with the dos and don’ts.

For a long time now, these writings have been my therapy. But I realized that someone else might be looking for a person to journey with too.  So I decided to be brave – and get all of my ramblings organized.  I’m both the most long winded and the least tech-savvy person you’ll ever meet, so I can’t promise success. And this certainly isn’t an atheist parenting how to, but it is me, baring it all in hopes that it reaches exactly who needs it. And if that’s you, welcome. I’m so glad you dropped by.